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Why Waterproofing Fails


This week, I needed to take a break from all the gaming and address a problem in my house. At some point in the past month, the waterproofing in my shower failed. I didn’t even know that was possible until I realised that must be the only explanation.


Now, if you’re like me, you’ve never even considered what might cause this problem. In fact, most people’s showers display no indication that the waterproofing Perth is failing. If you got good contractors to do a high-quality job, this would never happen to you.


As I would learn over the course of this week, there are a few reasons this might happen.


Poor priming and surface preparation is one cause.


The surfaces getting waterproofing should be free of dirt and dust. The membrane won’t bond properly if there’s anything on the way and make it a lot easier to peel off over time. Amateurs tend to skip the priming step entirely because it saves a few hours, but that causes a lot of problems.


A poor application is also a cause of it to fail. The slightest spot not getting the treatment is a weakness.


Apply two coats. If you’re not the one applying it, make sure that a second coating is applied. Some crews don’t think a second layer is needed. However, it absolutely is in the long term.


Quality is also a significant issue. Using poor quality membranes and waterproofing can save you money on the initial installation. However, it is also prone to failing. If it’s a one-time job, then maybe it won’t be a problem. If it isn’t, you’ll want to invest in the good stuff.


If the drying isn’t allowed adequate time to sink in, that can also cause problems down the line. In general, you’ll want to wait a full day before things sink in.


Shoddy construction is also going to be a cause.


Pooling is a term that means that the drain isn’t draining properly, and could be the result of bad design in the shower itself. All of that water not being drained can slowly wear down the tiles, causing damage to any waterproofing that’s been applied.


In this same vein, a clogged drain can also cause a similar result. All that hair getting in the pipes is not good in the long run!


Finally, there might not be enough waterproofing coverage. Through no fault of yours or the crews who did it, the water might get into areas outside the membrane’s protection.

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